New Developments

Auxiliary winch

One of the latest developments by RTG is an auxiliary winch at the top of the leader which is used for mounting counterweight sections.
The lifting device has been designed to simplify the transportation of our telescopic leader pile drivers for customers, increase safety and reduce transport costs.

BS 65 RS Base carrier
The new base carrier is characterized by:
  • highest economic
  • technical efficiency
  • environmental sustainability
It serves as base machine for the telescopic leader rigs RG 16 T, RG 19 T, RG 21 T and forthe fixed leader rigs RG 18 S, RG 22 S



Overview of the Novelities
and Advantages



ACS System - Automatic Coupling System
The advantages of the ACS System are:

  • Simplified procedure for exchange of front-end equipment
  • Increased hydraulic efficiency
  • Reduced flow resistances
  • Easy attachment of front-end equipment
  • High level of safety during attachment process
  • One-man operation

RM 20

The RM 20 is a new rig, designed specially for hydraulic hammer applications. Some important key features are

  • a light transport weight
  • a sliding mast which can be tilted in all directions
  • a patented rope tensioner

HRS hydraulic piling hammer

The HRS hydraulic piling hammer series
by RTG Rammtechnik GmbH is a completely
new development of an accelerated
hydraulic hammer for impact pile driving.
With this hydraulic hammer pile driving
operations can be carried out faster, more
efficiently and morecost effectively.